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Midsummer nights dream

Midsummer nights dream


This is a very special work for me and it's a one-off special edition! No reproductions from this one. ( and I won't sell just to sell, it needs a good home)

It's special because of the moment in my life it is made, because everything I've learned and become until now (I became a very proud grandmother again this week) and everything that will come from now one.

This is for myself, for you and for everybody that needs to know what dreams can become.

Found myself in the midsummer night
Saw myself in a dream when I was younger
Dreamt about how who I was to become
And the adventure I used to hunger

Older, I became as nights and days gone by
Turned in to more persons than one
A wife, a mother, a daughter and more
With different faces, I put on

Many days and many starry nights
Until this day, today has come
In my own midsummer nights dream
I look back and forward on what I long

Not one woman is feeling now
We feel it all together as a whole
A wife, a mother, a daughter and more
So many people in one soul

165 x 90 cm
64,9 x 35,4 inch

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